Cruising through the Pantanal

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As the world’s largest tropical wetland, the Pantanal which is about 42 million acres, spans across three South American countries – Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay, Lets quickly put that into perspective: if the Pantanal was overlaid on the US it would be bigger than New York, Florida, and Wisconsin, among 25 other states. The open marsh areas are home to an immense variety of life. 3500 plant species, 656 bird species and 159 mammals and probably your best bet to lock eyes with a jaguar. We are continually trying to find the best products for our guests to travel with, which is the perfect mix of luxury and adventure, and what we have found here is pretty darn cool, the Peralta Cruise.

This chic and luxurious boat has only 10 rooms and is a fantastic option to see a large portion of the Pantanal. The 7 day cruise through this gigantic wetland will take you along the Paraguay River and through Porto Jofre, which has one of the highest concentrations of Jaguars in Brazil. The rooms are spacious and each fitted with an air conditioner and arguable the best view on the boat is from your bed as you peer out the generous outward facing windows with panoramic views of the river. The staff are extremely accommodating and friendly, and offer the upmost level of customer service attending to your every need.

What does the wilderness experience look like from the boat? The Peralta has numerous tender boats which will take you on all types of excursions such as safaris, fishing or just exploring the wilderness. Horse riding through the wetland can be arranged as well as walks through parts of the reserve. For safaris, either take one of our trusted English speaking guides or myself and go exploring through the small tributaries and wetlands in search of elusive jaguars and look out for the hundreds of birds species that call the Pantanal their home. When we’re not looking for jaguars, we’ll be looking for caimans, different types of macaws, what will feel like hundreds of parrots, toucans and the 158 other mammal species found in the region. “There is such an abundance of wildlife and beauty in the pantanal that it can almost feel fake at times,” that is a direct quote from Thais.

Finally end your day on the banks on the river, with your toes in the largest wetland in the world, sipping on a caipirinha. This boat is sole use, so it is perfect for small groups looking to immerse themselves in the vastness of the Brazilian wilderness and those who want to experience the Pantanal like you have never imagined. Have a look at the video to get an idea of what a week on the boat would look like at the bottom of this post.

Combine this 7 day boat cruise with 4 nights at Awasi Iguazú, you will stay in one of their 14 villas and be able to personally plan your itinerary with your private guide to get the most out of your experience of viewing the waterfalls and the host of other activities around the national park. This will give you just short of two weeks in a wonderful and remote part of Brazil.

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