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We hesitantly dusted off our passports and began to travel in 2022, and travel we did. In contrast, 2023 promises to be even more impressive. This is the year to take risks on your travels and see the world: go to lesser-known places, learn about unfamiliar cultures, and experience life in exotic locales.

And if you need some inspiration, look no further than our month-by-month guide … how many are you planning to tick off your bucket list this year?

January – Southern Serengeti

The great wildebeest migration will be somewhere on the vast short grass plains in the southern section of the Serengeti and with this gives you the opportunity to see the whole herd together as they give birth and nurture their young. With lots of new born baby zebra and wildebeest about, there is lots of predator action.

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February – Makgadikgadi Pans (Botswana)

Experiencing wildlife in the Kalahari Desert, which spans South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana, is at its best during the month of February, when enormous herds of herbivores congregate on the lush seasonal grasslands and numerous predators descend upon them. It’s also the time of year when large numbers of zebra and wildebeest make their annual migration through Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans and Nxai Pan, both of which are part of the Kalahari eco-system, a lesser known migration in Africa but just as impressive as the Great Migration. 

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March – Indian Ocean Islands

From Mnemba Island, the Maldives and pretty much the whole east coast of Africa is a wonderful destination to add to your safari in March, warm weather coupled with warm waters and turtle hatching taking place on the Indian Ocean seaboard.

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April – Zambia

The quintessential “Safari Season” in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa National Parks begins in early April. There are still numerous summer migrant bird species living in these untamed areas, making them truly spectacular.

May – Gorilla Trekking

In Rwanda and Uganda, the mountain gorillas move down to the lower altitudes so they can feed on the juicier, more nourishing young bamboo shoots, which offers you the possibility of an ‘easier trek’ to view these majestic animals.

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June – Victoria Falls

It is an excellent time to visit Victoria Falls because the waterfalls are at their fullest. Walk along the clifftop paths and take in the roaring water and spray for yourself. You could even ride a helicopter over the thickening fog if you want. The falls can be visited from both Zambia and Zimbabwe and are equally as beautiful.

July – Okavango Delta

The water has descended from Congo and the Delta is now in full flood, something that is a spectacle in itself, coupled with all the wonderful activities that are associated with the delta in full flood, safaris through the waterways, mokoro safaris (pictured above) and boat excursions. Remember it is winter in Botswana, so all the animals are congregated around the endless waterways.

August – South Africa

Winter is in full swing in the Southern Hemisphere and there is no better time to visit South Africa, at the beginning of August and you will have a chance to see Southern Right whales appearing along South Africa’s pristine southern coastline as they move into protected bays to calve. In the game reserves the bush thins out, laying the landscape bare for exceptional game viewing, especially near waterholes and rivers as the game moves towards these communal watering holes.

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September – Great Migration River crossings Tanzania

The Great Migration of two million wildebeest and zebra occurs year-round as the animals move between Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara, following the rains. The crossing of the Mara River in the northern Serengeti is the most dramatic aspect of the journey, which takes place in August and September. As more and more animals congregate on the shores, you can practically sense their apprehension as they realize crocodiles are waiting in the water. The tension mounts until finally, one wildebeest musters the nerve to take the plunge, and the rest of them follow in a mad dash.

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October – Zimbabwe

Even though it is likely to be the hottest time of year in Zimbabwe, the rainy season is just around the corner, and if you are willing to brave the elements, you will be rewarded with some amazing game viewing opportunities. In this magnificent country, it is highly recommended that you pay a visit to Hwange National Park, Mana Pools, and Singita Pamushana.

November – Morocco

This is the “shoulder season” in Morocco and it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sites and sounds of Morocco (trust us, there are many) during the quieter months, and a little insider tip about traveling to Morocco in November, it is usually slightly cheaper as well.

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December – Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

As a result of the short rains that fall throughout the month of November in Kenya’s Masai Mara, the grasslands in the region get greener, and elephant herds return to the region. When compared to other times of the year, you will encounter less visitors when out on game drives, which will result in more personal encounters and what will feel like a more private experience.  

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And keep in mind that these are just a few examples of the most popular highlights throughout the year! Incredible adventures can be experienced and sights can be observed all through the year, regardless of the time of year or the season. To ensure that you are in the right place, at the right time, you will, of course, need to do some careful planning and seek the assistance of an expert, and thats where we come in. 



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